Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Portrait (4.4.2009)

Awwww! My good friend asked me to take her family portrait (minus mom and dad) as a gift for her mom's birthday. Seeing as Jill happens to be super awesome, I said yes.

Jill with her hubby and their labs.
The Hupps

Her siblings (three brothers!) joined in on the shot. (Too bad it's a bit blown out) :(


Lucky for me, the clan was all about candid shots :)

Jill is the boss. She makes a great teacher!

Oh, Jill

On three, ready? Onetwothree!

On Three...Ready?

Can you tell they were all in track?
Track Family

We still had some time for some poses, though.

Pfeffer Chilluns

This was when they told me they felt like they were in a JCPenney Catalog.

Catalog Shot

There's an abandoned school house by their home, so we used it as a backdrop.
My first attempt at textures was a minor FAIL.

Too Cool For School

Second attempt, not so bad, but I couldn't get the texture to show up without having faceless people.

My First Attempt At Texture

And the only ones that didn't make it to Flickr were the jumping ones, and you'll just have to take my word that they were cool.

Thank you, Pfeffers and Hupps. You were super-mega-cool, and I loved taking your pictures.

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