Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's Raining Babies!!

Er, I mean, Baby Shower...
I took photographs for my friend Jill, whose daughter is due 8-9-10, and anyone who knows me knows I have a thing for numbers...I like them to be in a pattern or fit into a math problem. ya go!

This was probably the coolest guest book idea ever. We signed Little Golden Books (TM) for Ava...such an English major thing!

The DESSERT spread...

The lighting was really tricky in the house because of the height and the shape of the walls and ceiling, but the house was gorgeous!

There was lots of chatting :)

One of the gifts was a painting done by one of Jill's students.

More chit-chatting

Part of the food spread:

The Drama Cake (there's a story behind it that includes tears) Almost too pretty to cut, but it was de-lish!

Cutting the Drama Cake

Little booties:

Although Jill swears her kid's feet are going to be too big for shoes!


Mmmm...cake (Can you tell I love cake?)

Kitty on the mantle:

And there are tons more pictures, but I promised I wouldn't put them up (Jill's mom's orders) until they've been "approved".

Happy Summer!

Friday, April 10, 2009

What Social Life?

So here it is on a Friday night, and I'm editing photos and blogging. Oh well, I enjoy a nice night in. Almost every week.

So I took the liberty of adding some cool effects to the pictures I took a while back. Here are the final results:

Lesley & Ed's Wedding:




Hupp Family Portraits:

Hupp Family

That's all. Good night!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Family Portrait (4.4.2009)

Awwww! My good friend asked me to take her family portrait (minus mom and dad) as a gift for her mom's birthday. Seeing as Jill happens to be super awesome, I said yes.

Jill with her hubby and their labs.
The Hupps

Her siblings (three brothers!) joined in on the shot. (Too bad it's a bit blown out) :(


Lucky for me, the clan was all about candid shots :)

Jill is the boss. She makes a great teacher!

Oh, Jill

On three, ready? Onetwothree!

On Three...Ready?

Can you tell they were all in track?
Track Family

We still had some time for some poses, though.

Pfeffer Chilluns

This was when they told me they felt like they were in a JCPenney Catalog.

Catalog Shot

There's an abandoned school house by their home, so we used it as a backdrop.
My first attempt at textures was a minor FAIL.

Too Cool For School

Second attempt, not so bad, but I couldn't get the texture to show up without having faceless people.

My First Attempt At Texture

And the only ones that didn't make it to Flickr were the jumping ones, and you'll just have to take my word that they were cool.

Thank you, Pfeffers and Hupps. You were super-mega-cool, and I loved taking your pictures.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

From Stella & Roo (3.29.2009)

So yesterday, I had the joy of shooting my first wedding...which means today, I haven't done a darn think except load pictures and edit them. I have come to the realization that we need a new computer, though. Andy's pretty excited.

So here are some of the photos I've been working on. BTW, (in case you haven't already noticed) for some reason, my blog template cuts of a good 1/10 of the right side of all of my lanscape pictures. Drat. So if you want to see the whole picture, clicking directly on the photo should link you to my flickr site.

Meet Lesley.

Blushing Bride

Stopping to Smell the Flowers

Her MoH is a former model.

Bride & MoH (Shannon)

And her BM was a cutie!

Bride & BM (Tyler)

Showin' Some 'Tude

The ceremony was beautiful. (The lucky man's name is Ed)

The Ceremony

And the bubbles were a blast!

Bubbles...Tee Hee!

Mmmm. I love cake.

Mmmmm. Cake.

The reception hall was gorgeous...overlooking the Scioto River.

Reception Head Table

And we went to my alma mater for some fun post-ceremony pictures.

Shots at the Shoe *Kisses*

Total, I took over 2500 pictures. I almost used up an entire 8GB memory card.

Don't worry: Stella and Rufus did not feel neglected. Andy stayed home and cuddled with the PS3 controller and (Matt &) Winnie came over to visit Rufus.

Welcome to StellaStar Photography

So, I got another photography job set up for today (yay me!), and I know I'm going to want to post pictures. I feel bad taking the limelight away from Stella and Rufus on their blog, so I set up this one. More pictures are available at